How to Awaken the Force: Tips from Star War's The Last Jedi

Atop a rocky crag on a small island in the middle of nowhere, a Jedi temple stands, like the temples of old – balancing light and dark.  “Where there is strong light, there is strong dark,” Luke Skywalker says.  These concepts are as old as humans are, probably older.   Yet, somehow these concepts are more palatable and hit deeper when meshed in an epic cultural series set in space, where the light and dark battle it out through the Rebels and the Resistance, the Jedi and the Sithe, etc.  The wise Jedi use the force to protect those from the power-hungry Sithe, who use the force to manipulate, creating anger and grief, and to control others.
Those who wield the force, like Luke Skywalker, know that the force is beyond light and dark.  They know that the force powers light and dark, life and death, joy and grief, creation and destruction.  The force powers the universe itself.  To tap into this force Luke Skywalker gives us some great tips.  In this Jedi temple, Luke instructs Rey, the newest female Jedi star, to sit in this place, to breathe, to reach out with your feelings.  To reach out with your feelings is such a powerful instruction.  The force is beyond thoughts, beyond concepts of light and dark.  It is more accessible through feelings.  That is why anger or joy are such powerful entry ways to the force.
An easy way is to reach out with your feelings to another and see the force awaken between you.  Relationship is where we can see the force very active indeed.  Then take that awakening to feeling in relationship, to connection, and sit with it alone in a natural place.  Perhaps the place, a river or mountain can be an avenue for connection and opening.  Sit and feel, and let the force awaken within you.
Once you have an entry way to a deeper sense of connection with yourself, which can be found in meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, whatever takes your attention inwards, then you can begin to watch the force of energy as it moves through you.  You have to take your attention away from your thoughts.  Breathing exercises or pranayama, is perhaps the fastest way to do this.  Once you feel that current, make an intention to keep feeling it for as long and as often as possible.  This is how you awaken to the force within, the power of life itself.

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