Let Your Body Lead You

Once when I was at a music festival with about 20,000 other people, I decided to do an experiment.  I wasn’t high or anything at the time, I just needed to find someone in a crowd of 20,000 without a cell phone.  What did we do back in the day when we didn’t have such technological tools and we needed help finding something?  Well, there is always logic and detective type skills or using relationships and word of mouth.  Or there is a technology way faster than that.  Its called, dun dun dun, your intuition!
Your body and your intuition are inextricably linked together.  Your body is a great way to access intuition because it has more neutrality than your mind and less distractibility.  When you access the space of neutrality than you can more easily access your intuition.
So back to my experiment.  I needed to find my boyfriend in a huge crowd one day with trance music blaring on either side of me, yoga tents, and lots of neo-hippies that look the same.  I took some deep breaths, let go of the world around me, centered myself, and gave my body the intention to find my boyfriend.  I let go of ideas and focused on my body knowing where to go.  I let my body lead me through this huge festival, and you know what I found him.  There he was in some lecture tent about how global warming might turn into a global ice-age.
I let my body lead me.  I took my mind out of driver’s seat.  I let go of my distractions and focused on a single destination in an open way.  That sounds counter-intuitive but it is really essential part, and part of the key to life probably.  Let yourself have a goal, but don’t be attached to how you get there.  Your openness will take you a lot farther in life than rigid ideas about yourself or others.  Drop the idea that the body is anything less than a miraculous machine capable of doing all sorts of amazing feats.  Coupled with intuition you got one sweet ride through life.

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