Solve Your Problems Like Cinderella

Cinderella was a super hard working gal who took a lot of shit from her self-proclaimed upper class, step mother.  And she did so feeling all was well with it, or maybe it wasn’t, but she didn’t seem to have a choice in the matter.   She was someone working for others who didn’t care about her, considered her less than, and she didn’t really have any opportunities to move up in the world.  The whole “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” analogy doesn’t really work here, and it actually doesn’t work very often for much of the world who are considered less than like many minorities and impoverished peoples.
So how did she solve her problems?  She got a magic fairy godmother.  Wow, that sounds very unrealistic compared to those real world problem.  But maybe thats the point of those fairy tales to take us out of our problems, which is part of their magic.  Yes, that fairy godmother had supranatural powers, but maybe we all have some of those.  Because magic or miracles are that which we can’t explain in our current consciousness, but from the consciousness of say quantum physics or Thor in the Avengers, maybe we can.
Sometimes all you need is a person in another viewpoint to help you solve your problems.  We live in an age with a lot of people and a lot of different perspectives so talk to someone with a different perspective about your issues and you might just find your fairy godmother.  Spiritual teachers, guides, and coaches have often been like this for me, as have random strangers.  Once a homeless person gave me the answers to my problem that they did not know I was going through in a random encounter on the street.  It was magic!
The answer is likely one that is totally different from what you are currently thinking about because it needs to come from a totally different state of mind or state of being than the one you are currently in.  Solutions are often totally wacky sounding but that is part of their greatness, and if we followed more of the seemingly wacky solutions the world would be a much different place, probably more innovative and interesting.  I mean who even thought of a thousand songs in your pocket?  Steve Jobs did, thats who, and that definitely turned out to be magic, magic songs and magic money.

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