Women's Brilliance Undercover

Women often appease men or other women, hiding their smart responses or inner truths, because of the ingrained response that women are supposed to be silent, sweet, and not share their opinions.  This pattern of silencing women’s expression of voice, sensuality, and intuition, has been historically reinforced in many faith traditions that have dominated the cultural landscapes of many nations for more than a millennia.
Thank the Goddess, Times are changing!  It is actually a great time for women, waking up to their brilliance, their pain, and their own inner landscapes, and confronting the norms in a society that does not honor them for their need of true expression.
Women have ingrained historical trauma, just as other oppressed groups do.  This trauma lies in rape, domestic violence, women as property, etc.  This trauma is many times lived in our lives today as well as in the past.  Women who have experienced trauma, like I have, often appease people in situations with even a tint of conflict, because in order to survive some sort of verbal, emotional, or physical violence in the past they had to “tend and befriend” the one abusing.  Like the “fight or flight” response, “tend and befriend” is another response to trauma, more often found in women, but probably not limited to us.
This protection pattern was once a great friend, but now we can re-evaluate.  Does this pattern serve us in every situation of conflict?  If we are currently out of harm’s way, and can stand up for ourselves in a situation, but choose not to then the pattern is now a hindrance, not a strength.
It is time to see the inner-landscape.  It is time to wrestle with the past, and put it where it belongs, in the past.
We can confront.  We can have our voices heard.  We can use our power for our own evolution and self-expression.
But only if we hear our voice ourselves as loud as we hear the world’s voice around us.  The world often seems much louder to our ears – the demands of job, family, survival, social appropriateness – yell at us during many moments of the day.
In order to fight this, we must find the space of quiet and rest and self-care.  We must make space for our own voice.  We must yell back at the world through the light of our own souls.
This world is for all of us, not just for the loudest voice.  It is for the silence, the quiet peace of the forest, the little voices inside that need to be heard, the emotions often bypassed.  It is for the heart space, that brings us into affinity with ourselves.  It is for us.  All parts of us belong to this earth.

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