Finding Safety in Your Body After Sexual Abuse

Your body is intricate, amazing, sentient and intelligent. However, if you have suffered from sexual abuse it can be a hard place to find safety within. It can feel very difficult to go back to a place that has been hurt and can bring up painful memories. But just as your body is capable of pain, it is also capable of great pleasure. Even more fulfilling, I find than pain or pleasure is the sense of peace inside your body that can be found through accessing safety.

The body wants to heal. It’s aim is to be well-functioning. Your spiritual/soul and body connection are so important, and create the foundational agreement for your life on earth. In this agreement the body and soul both aim towards releasing that which has wounded it. This takes safe space. It takes other people to create that space for you as you develop your ability to create safe space inside yourself.

One of the main steps in this is finding a safe place physically in the world. Hopefully in your house or room you have safe space. If you don’t have safe space, then this is the place to start. There are many resources for helping you establish this like hotlines, friends, family so please use them. Maybe your safe place is nature or in an action like prayer, yoga, dance, or art. Let yourself go there often. Go there until that safety begins to sink into your bones and allows you to really let go.

Once you have that, and go there regularly, then find safe space with another. This step might happen before the last. Maybe you make an agreement with a friend to just be supportive while you talk. Maybe a family member is that for you. Maybe a counselor or spiritual guide. This can be very vulnerable. Letting yourself accept your vulnerability will be a great help in this healing. Find someone who can be vulnerable with you and hold you in that that space that is safe. Slowly let yourself be held there. Soak in the sense of safety with another, this begins to heal the sense of pain from intimacy.

Then, or in whatever order you feel called, find a safe space in your body. Find one place in your body you feel safe and place your attention there. Feel the quality of that space. Feel yourself filling up that space. Just invite that without any mental understanding. This is not about the mind, but about feeling safe in the body. Explore that place, and try this each day. When you feel safe there try a new one place in the body that feels safe. This is how you begin to connect to that sense of safety, and your ability to re-access it even after triggers or emotional wounds re-open.

If you would like help on this journey of safety. Feel free to contact me for space holding and healing.

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