My reason for being on this earth is to heal, both others and myself.  All healers get the miraculous gift of healing themselves as they facilitate healing for others.  This is a truth many don’t talk about.    And in the truest truth, we are all parts connected in the wholeness of the universe.  So any changes we make as an individual, changes the universe, and you can see this mirrored in the world around you. 
I’m here to help you create the healing you wish you to experience in yourself and the world.  I have numerous modalities, and experience creating that in this life and others.  ​​​​​​​​​​​ The healing space I facilitate is for you to re-align to the nature of your soul.  The soul manifests out into the body, emotions, and life around you.  I help you with this through an integral transformation of body, emotions, spirit, earth, relationships, and wider world.   
I am a devotee of the divine, deeper wisdom, love, truth, and presence. I have experience guiding people through trauma, spiritual emergencies, grief and loss, death, intimate and family relationship struggles, business, and health.  My approach is based on facilitating awareness, the space for healing to occur, and guiding you to make the changes in your life you need to heal.   
I love meditation, and use it often to aid in your transformation.  I love embodiment exercises, where we use the body to move & act out concepts, instead of them staying on a mental level.  Life happens on this earth, in an embodied plane, and all change in action happen here.  
I have done numerous meditation and yoga retreats including more than a year spent in India, and 4 years in retreat settings with over 10,000 hours of meditations.  I have studied intensely with yogic masters, buddhist teachers, and completed 6 years of a pilgrimage program in an Indigenous tradition.  I hold an MA & Diploma in Processwork, a psychotherapy, coaching & group facilitation technique, with roots in Jungian psychotherapy, Indigenous worldview, and quantum physics.  I have trained extensively as a clairvoyant or clear seer through The Church of Natural Grace.  
I walk my talk.  I have lived through the fires of my own undoing.  These fires came in forms both self-initiated and traumatic.  My wounds have been birth marks that my soul has shown through.  I am here to show you the same.

“Brianna has an uncanny ability to stay present and hold space for people. During our work together she was able to balance the deep emotional work that I needed to do with humor, patience, deep caring and peace.  She bares strong witness to people. The energy she emits is like a gentle yet powerful river that serves to smooth stones and settle hearts and dissonance.  Her wisdom is only matched by her humility in her ego-less approach to social work.” ~RS, Portland

“Brianna has a depth of presence beyond her years. When I work with her I feel the expansiveness of her presence and find her calmly delivered insights and soft compassion hold a space for me to visit the places I need to transform.” ~Shelley Harrison, truenaturehealing.ca, Healer of 15 years

“I look forward to every session or workshop facilitated by Brianna because I know how she will show up: prepared.  By prepared I mean she will have taken the considerable time to ground and open herself, so that she can be gentle yet firm as she holds space, offers directions and self-inquiry prompts, and provides insight. In other words, Brianna walks the talk and her biggest teaching is through her example.”  ~Christine Staub, NC