Heart & Soul Intuitive Counseling


Activate the Depths of You as Woman​ & Bring the Heart & Soul back into your life!

    • If you are feeling disconnected, numb, slightly depressed, overwhelmed with emotions, cut off from your heart


    •  If you have lost faith in true intimacy with yourself and others


    • If you have tried spiritual paths but have emotional blocks, mental busyness, or daily schedules that repeatedly sabotage your ability to stay connected


    • If you are experienceing changes you can’t quite cope with, explain, or understand


    • If your life seems to be driving you instead of you driving it


    • If you are alone without guidance


There is no need to do this alone.  You want to come out more whole than before!
I can help facilitate a life of more ease, grace, and connectedness.  I help women connect to their self-love, acceptance, and presence and move forward with a life of flow and ease.

We will transform burdens into wisdom, longterm patterns into new opportunities, and difficult emotions into healing.  Like the fire, which changes wood into heat and light, your inner life will become illuminated, and be a guiding light of connection for your everyday life.

Contact me to schedule a Heart Exploration Session @ 775-430-4999 or click schedule now at the bottom of the page.

“Brianna offers a tender courage that invites explorations of difficult topics. Her approaches allow concerns to be examined in ways that reduce the perception of them as overwhelming or out-of-reach.   Her non-directive, investigative lens allows me to share freely and ideas to surface naturally. Working with Brianna was truly memorable, and helped me to shift perspectives on health-related issues that I had previously viewed as unsolvable mysteries.” ~TE, Canada

“I started talking to Brianna because my adult daughter and I had were having issues we needed to work through.  My first session of the 10 I had set up with Brianna I thought oh my goodness this is going to take more then ten sessions.  I was a little overwhelmed and unsure.  I was WRONG!!!  After session three I felt like I had talked to Brianna for a year and felt like I had made so much progress.  I was so pleased with this progress. Brianna seems to know the right things to say at the perfect moments.  Her words short and profound took me to self awareness that then took me to learning things about my self, my emotions…..Followed by her meditations that somehow always ended being on a topic that was perfect for me at the moment I would listen to them.  All adding up to GROWTH GROWTH GROWTH. We started out talking about my daughter.  Our sessions took twist and turns away from this subject through my mind, heart, and soul.  I felt so comfortable with Brianna that I was able to open cans of worms that I never wanted to open or share with anyone.  She taught me how to use the divine, my spiritual connection, in ways I had not ever done be for.  At the end our sessions I not only felt confidence, peace, healing, strength in the relationship with my daughter, but also with myself. Light bulbs are still going off when I reflect on our conversations, and I re-listen to her meditations.  I highly recommend Brianna.  She truly has been blessed with a gift!!”  ~Wendy Serio, AR

“From the comfort of my home, via Skype, Brianna performed her magic with me. She listened carefully… then skillfully she intuited where to take me to release me from places I was stuck. I laughed, I cried and I danced my way into new territory that have produced new openings in my beloved work.”
 ~SM, Canada